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Feta cheese contains cow's milk and is made exclusively in Greece. Feta cheese has been established by the European Commission as a product with Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.). The name 'Feta' cannot be used in cheeses of similar composition that are produced outside of Greece or with any other process than the traditional.

There are many different varieties of butter with different flavors and used in different kinds of cooking.

Here are some of the different varieties of butter that we offer. Butters made from milk of cows, sheep, goat or buffalo. Milk or pasteurized butter. Salted, unsalted or slightly salted butter. Organic and light. We also offer some traditional butters, like stakovoutyro.

Kalathaki cheese of Lemnos is an excellent type of Feta cheese which comes from the Ancient years of Homer.

It is a product worth to taste and buy. It is named as a product of Protected Designation of Origin (P.D.O.).

Graviera cheese is made primarily from sheep's milk & goat milk. Aged for at least three months in special room with constant temperature. The mass is normally compact with scattered holes and often cracks. The color ranges from white to yellowish. Graviera cheese is one of the basic products of Mediterranean Diet. With a pleasant sweetish taste and rich in aroma.

Kefalotiri cheese or cheese “kefalisio” had prevailed almost until the end of the 40's to be called each hard Greek cheese – shaped "head/wheel". Produced with a traditional way in the great region of Macedonia from mixture of sheep & goat milk. It is a salty cheese with scattered holes and matures for at least three months. 


Kefalograviera cheese is produced in Kastoria, a region of western Macedonia, from sheep's milk or a mixture of it with goat milk. Milk comes from breeds of sheep and goats who are traditionally farmed and adapted to the area & the diet of which is based on local flora. In case that goat milk is used, this does not exceed 10%.

Manouri cheese comes from sheep's milk or a mixture of sheep’s with goat’s milk. It can also be made from a mixture of whey and fresh milk or even from fresh cream of milk. The best quality of manouri is produced in the regions of Thessaly. The consistency of the product is characterized as soft & creamy with compact structure. Its taste is pleasant and sweet, with a distinctive flavor. 

Pekorino is a hard table cheese made with traditional recipe with a rich aroma and distinctive salty, spicy flavor. It is produced exclusively from pasteurized sheep's milk. Ideal for pasta and frying cheese.

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