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This exceptional regional wine, is produced from the famous Aegean variety Asyrtiko. The solid arid the sunlight of the mountainous province of Sitia with the low vintage, makes this product unique, concerning its special organoteptic characteristics.

Exceptional dessert wine, produced by selected grapes of the ancient variety Liatiko, according to an old technique which was based in the insolation of the fruit.

Liatiko, is an ancient Greek variety which is growing only in Crete and especially in the mountainous province of Sitia. We reserved this variety because we believe in its uniqueness.

This P.D.O. wine is produced by the varieties of Vilana and Thrapsathiri, which are growing at the mountainous province of Sitia. The sunlight, the solid and the care of the producers help to bring about this exceptional wine.

Regional wine from the variety Thrapsathiri relative to the ancient Athiri from which highest quality wines were made during the venetian domination in Crete. At our attempt for an appointment with history, we produce this special wine with the unique characteristics.

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